Saturday, April 4, 2015

STEM Fest and Temple Square

Last Friday Matt volunteered at Utah's first STEM Fest (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics...I didn't know.) and decided it was cool enough to bring Carly and I back to see it later that night.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but they had a ton of cool booths set up!  First we went in this Air Force jet simulator that played footage of flying through the sky and falling and all that. It shook us around like a roller coaster - so fun!
Matt and Carly sat in the cockpit of this tiny little plane. Carly started pushing buttons like she knew exactly what she was doing :)

Inside they had more booths set up. We only had time for a few, but here were our favorites.  I got to experience what it would be like to "walk on water" with a tub full of cornstarch and water! If I didn't keep moving, I sank pretty quickly. I'm sure there's a metaphor there...
At this booth, these guys pulled a bubble up around you with a hula hoop. I wasn't quite fast enough with the camera to catch Matt's bubble before it popped...but you can imagine. When it was my turn, their contraption broke. Thus the surprised look on the man's face behind me. Oops!

 A teeny tiny little owl, and a 3D printer! I'd never seen one before! Man does that thing move slow! Pretty incredible though.

This one was making a dinosaur skull
The next day we were up on Temple Square for a wedding luncheon and took some time to look at the gorgeous spring flowers and enjoy the warm weather. Carly loved the fountains.

She only fell in once.

And she falls in in 3...2...1...
I really am starting to love this beautiful place we live and all it has to offer!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures!! Can't wait to meet Carly this summer and see you guys!