Wednesday, October 23, 2013


You could say my husband and I are still in that "honeymooning" stage.  I am about to brag about him A LOT.  And get a little on the mushy side.

As our baby's arrival inches closer and closer, I've thought a lot about how this new addition will change mine and my husband's relationship. Of course I am hopeful she will only bring us closer.  But I can't help but be a little nervous about this big change.

There are often moments when we spend time together doing the simplest of things that I just pause and think to myself "I am SO happy! Can this moment please just last forever?" Just give me a moment to express how wonderful Matt is:  

Matt is happy.  If I could only use one word to describe him, that would be it. Easy.  Not in a sickeningly optimistic sort of way.  Just a happy-to-be-here sort of way.  And it's contagious.  Which is good for my ever realistic (*cough* negative *cough*) attitude.

Matt makes me laugh.  It is REALLY hard to stay mad at this guy.  Boy does he know how to work those blue puppy eyes and dimples.  He loves to get people laughing and is always working on his comedic timing.  He has me smiling and giggling all the time.

Matt constantly strives to improve his life.  He is a goal-setter.  It is because of his enthusiasm that we have Family Home Evening once a week, read scriptures and say prayers together in the morning, and put together a meal plan at the beginning of each month, among other things.  He is one motivated man, and I do my best to keep up.

Matt is a really good kisser.  'nuff said.

Matt doesn't take life too seriously.  We're college kids.  Life isn't exactly stress-free.  Money is tight.  But Matt knows how and when to take a break and have a little fun - whether it be treating ourselves with doughnuts on a Saturday morning or putting homework aside for a moment to play a card game with his attention-yearning wife.

I could go on forever.  I love that I get to walk/run/skip/jump through this life, hand-in-hand with this man.

I love you Matthew. You are going to be one fun daddy.  To infinity, and beyond!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nursery Pics!

 The nursery is finished! And I am quite proud of it :) This work of cuteness was made possible by many donations of family and friends, cheap finds at yard sales, and Pinterest inspiration. We are so anxious to show our baby girl!

This is my pride and joy.  I've never been so crafty in my life!

Love that scrap-booking paper!
I came into the room and found this. Forever making me laugh... :)