Monday, August 26, 2013

A Much Needed Visit

My awesome mother has been a yard sale rock star and has been collecting all sorts of baby goods just for me!  This weekend she hauled down a crib, stroller, high chair, clothes galore, and a beautiful crocheted blanket just for our bundle of joy!  Braeden and Maren were able to come along too.  We had so much fun playing games, feeling Baby kick, and laughing really really hard, but we really missed Dad and Jacob!  Here are some pics of our adventures :)
Playing UNO
Rock Canyon Park
Braeden rolling down the hill :)
Exploring Campus...
We found Mom's book! She's famous ;)
Silly pictures with Cosmo

In front of Thai Village...YUM!

I just love curry :)
Walking to see the new temple construction
 We had such a good time with these funnies!  We look forward to the day we can all live closer!  Pictures of setting up the nursery to come.  Thanks Mom! xo

Friday, August 16, 2013

A rose by any other name...

Me: I'm thinking about starting a blog...thoughts? Since I'm a grown up now and all...

Mom: I think that would be wondrous and magical. The whole reason I started my blog was because I was away from my family and I wanted to share.

Me:  Exactly! I have to come up with some clever name though...How about the Wondrous and Magical Blog? 

Mom: Haha! How about The Bare Naked Truth? 

Me: HA! Yeah! 

Mom: Or, "Baring It All" or "Grin and Bare It"

Me: Aw must be a writer.  All I could come up with was "Bare Butts"

Mom: (After much laughter...) I like Grin and Bare It!

Me: I like it too. Can I use that?

Mom: Of course! That would be happy!

Me: I think this conversation will be my first post :)

Mom: Oh...wonderful...don't forget to BARE YOUR SOUL! Huh? HUH?

Me: Maybe a little too dramatic for my taste...

Mom: I know. I tried too hard.