Sunday, May 18, 2014

What I've Learned: Part 2

A few weeks after Carly was born, I blogged about what being a mom had taught me (here). She's 6 months old now, so I hope I can add a few more things to my list.

1. Anybody who knows me knows I am not a patient person. But somehow, with this little girl I have found patience! I can hold her while she cries, change her diapers in the middle of the night, wipe the peas off her eyebrows (and mine), and do anything within my power to keep her happy without any complaint (usually).  Maybe it's because she is so cute.

2. I never expected to have a friendship-type relationship with my kids until they were older, but I am happy she has become my best buddy at such a young age.  She laughs at my jokes, and I laugh at hers. We are inseparable not only because we should be, but because we want to be!

Which leads me to...

3. Separation anxiety.  She's got it, but you better believe I've got it too.

4. Every move she makes is SO FASCINATING.  Learning to sit up, trying new foods, reaching for toys, eating her toes, singing a song... Sometimes I forget this stuff might not be so interesting to others (her bowel movements for instance) but other parents usually understand.

5. Her laugh. Literally the most beautifully happy sound my ears have ever heard.

6. She's so cute, guys. I want to eat her. I want to nibble on her chubby knees. That's normal right?

7. I'm starting to get a better idea of how much my own mom loves me.  Even better, I'm getting a better idea of just how much our Heavenly Father loves all of us.

Mothering children rocks. More please!