Friday, August 16, 2013

A rose by any other name...

Me: I'm thinking about starting a blog...thoughts? Since I'm a grown up now and all...

Mom: I think that would be wondrous and magical. The whole reason I started my blog was because I was away from my family and I wanted to share.

Me:  Exactly! I have to come up with some clever name though...How about the Wondrous and Magical Blog? 

Mom: Haha! How about The Bare Naked Truth? 

Me: HA! Yeah! 

Mom: Or, "Baring It All" or "Grin and Bare It"

Me: Aw must be a writer.  All I could come up with was "Bare Butts"

Mom: (After much laughter...) I like Grin and Bare It!

Me: I like it too. Can I use that?

Mom: Of course! That would be happy!

Me: I think this conversation will be my first post :)

Mom: Oh...wonderful...don't forget to BARE YOUR SOUL! Huh? HUH?

Me: Maybe a little too dramatic for my taste...

Mom: I know. I tried too hard.


  1. Hi Chelsea! This is such a cut first post and I love the name. How lucky to have a mom who is a writer. :) Can't wait to follow along!

  2. *cute. I really shouldn't type while nursing my baby. I always have some typos!

  3. Chelsea, so fun to see you blogging. What a cute 1st post! Your mother is a great writer.

  4. Looks great! I can BARELY wait for the posts to start rolling in.